How to Physically Develop an Elite Soccer Player: Ages 8-16

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    “How to physically develop an elite soccer player: Ages 8-16” provides a comprehensive explanation of all the key topics associated with developing young footballers. Along with providing practical drill and exercises to be used in training at differing stages of development.

    Matteo Conti and Jeff Lewis worked together at Southampton and Arsenal Football Clubs. Using their experience working with the best young footballers in the country, as well as scientifically backed research, they have devised a long-term physical development plan. This plan is molded around the philosophy of tailoring each players development around their biological age. Matteo and Jeff pioneered the use of growth and maturation testing, to indicate a players biological age, within the English Academy system. This has gone on to influence the game considerably, helping to nurture some of the countries best young talent.

    Matteo and Jeff want to continue positively influencing the long term development of young footballers. This book aims at doing just that with their development plan put onto paper. The book is written in coach friendly language, making it appropriate for all levels of the game.


Mark Armitage, English FA Consultant

 “Matteo and Jeff are excellent practitioners who have developed their skills working with some of the most talented young football players in the country. This book will be a superb resource for those wishing to develop the physical qualities of future players whether that be grass roots or elite.”

Jake Hesketh, Southampton FC Footballer

“Matteo and Jeff have provided a fantastic resource for training young footballers with this book. I myself have undertaken drills and exercises from the book, which helped me to optimise my physical development and make it to the elite level”

Nick Harvey, English FA Physical Performance Coach

“Jeff and Matteo have succeeded in providing a very thorough yet simple and concise reference for those involved in the development of young soccer players. Whilst it is crucial for young players to be exposed to the right training stimulus at the right time in their development, it is also crucial for a fun and stimulating environment to ensure the love of ‘playing’ the game remains paramount. The drills and exercises shown in the book will certainly help achieve this balance.”

Dr Sean Cumming, Lead Scientist in Premier League Growth Study & Senior Lecturer for Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Bath

“This is an excellent text for those looking to gain a better understanding of physical development and its implications in youth football. The information, examples, and guidance provided in this book are based upon sound scientific principles and ideal for the coach working with the developing athlete.”

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