Training Programme

  • 3 Tips to Increase Muscle Mass

    It is bulking season! Christmas is round the corner, the temperature is dropping and a few extra pounds may be what you desire. Hopefully I can help you reach your goal with three easy tips to help boost your muscle mass in time for the New Year. Eating enough protein In order to build muscle […]

  • Sport Specific Training

    There are numerous amounts of sports, all with differing demands and skill sets for success. It is not just the technical coaching staff that needs to make their sessions specific to that sport but also the strength and conditioning/fitness/physical development (whatever you want to call yourself) coach. Strength is strength, speed is speed, and power […]

  • Plyometric Training

    Plyometric training is a commonly used practice across many sports. This is because it has been shown to enhance the rate of force development within muscle (i.e. power), muscle strength, co-ordination, and athletic performance (Adams et al. 1992). A plyometric exercise is characterised by a stretch-shortening cycle (SSC) action, whereby the muscle undergoes an eccentric […]

  • Our Core Workout

    “CORE” is a massive buzzword these days within the sport and fitness world, however a lot of the time it is misused. The term core refers to the musculature¬†which makes up the¬†trunk and pelvic region, not just that killer sick pack that you want to get. This region is made up of the abdominal wall […]