Youth Training

  • How does Biological Age impact athletic development?

    Producing an elite performer is a long term project which must begin at childhood. Sporting organisations put in place long term athletic development plans in order to do so. The aims are to enhance the holistic development of each individual, whilst also reducing the risk of injury. The key variable which impacts optimal development and […]

  • Sport Specific Training

    There are numerous amounts of sports, all with differing demands and skill sets for success. It is not just the technical coaching staff that needs to make their sessions specific to that sport but also the strength and conditioning/fitness/physical development (whatever you want to call yourself) coach. Strength is strength, speed is speed, and power […]

  • Weight Training in Youths

    Even now I sometimes hear the old myth that children shouldn’t be doing weight training because it stops them growing or damages there bones. I still can’t believe what I’m hearing, so with my blog today I’m going to clear up all the commonly asked questions regarding children and weight training with scientifically proven research. […]