What to eat on game day?

Providing your body with the correct fuels is essential to optimise your performance. This doesn’t just start the moment you walk out onto the field or during the warm up but throughout the course of the day leading up to the game. With today’s blog post I’m going provide a meal plan you can eat in the lead up to your game which should help you reach your peak performance.


In the morning of the game you are going to want to eat some LOW GI carbs which can release their energy slowly throughout the day, rather than just get a sudden sugar rush. So porridge and brown bread are good forms of LOW GI carbs. Fruit is as well and it also provides a good source of vitamins and minerals. You also require some form of protein to not allow your body to being in a catabolic state (breaking down muscle), scrambled eggs is a good choice and goes well with toast. Hydration throughout the day is essential, so a glass of water or herbal tea will help hydrate the body. The consumption of fluid should be continued throughout the day.
• Porridge
• 1 or 2 pieces of Fruit
• Toasted brown bread with scrambled eggs
• Glass of water/Herbal Tea

3 Hours Pre Game Meal

Now game time is fast approaching you are going to want to consume carbs with a higher GI such as pasta, along with chicken again to top up your protein stores. A good portion of veg and fruit is required to get your vitamins and minerals. Again a glass of water to maintain hydration is essential.
•Pasta (choice of sauce)
• 1 Chicken breast
• 2 portions of vegetables
• Glass of water
• 1 piece of Fruit

This should place your body in excellent condition in the lead up to the game with full energy stores and the best chance to be at its peak performance.

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