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“CORE” is a massive buzzword these days within the sport and fitness world, however a lot of the time it is misused. The term core refers to the musculature which makes up the trunk and pelvic region, not just that killer sick pack that you want to get. This region is made up of the abdominal wall (which has four layers of muscles), the hips, the lower back and diaphragm. By only training one muscle in this region then you will be left with huge muscle imbalances, which can cause injury. The most common injury suffered by many because of this is lower back pain. From a performance stand point the core is where your strength and power come from so you need to develop all the muscles in this region to provide yourself with greater stability and efficiency when undertaking functional movements. so stop with those old school sit ups and try our CORE WORKOUT below

1. Dead Bug 2 x 15 each side

2. Quadruped 2 x 15 each side

3. Plank 2 x 30 seconds

4. Side Plank 2 x 30 seconds each side

5. Barbell Rotations 2 x 6 each side

6. Cable Twist 2 x 6 each side

7. Hanging Leg raise 2 x 12

8. Oblique Crunches 60 seconds each side

If you are unsure on the technique required for these exercises a video will posted on our youtube channel in the forthcoming days

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Matteo graduated from the University of Bath with a bachelor’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science, providing him with the initial foundations of his training philosophy. He then went on to work within elite sports for 4 years as a Strength & Conditioning coach at Southampton and Arsenal Football Clubs. Wanting to have a greater impact across the general population Matteo founded MC Peak Performance & Fitness with an aim to deliver elite training services to all.

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