Sport specific training

  • Plan Progress see Change

    You can train regularly but without a plan the training you are undertaking is a waste of time. When you go shopping do you write a list? Of course because otherwise you end up with loads of unwanted items in your basket and forget essentials. Why is training any different? If you want to see […]

  • Improve your golf game – Specific physical training

    Golf specific training video with our trainee Ryan. I breakdown the golf swing and look at the 3 main areas which can be worked on to enhance the power generated when performing his swing. We look at the importance of single leg stability, glut activation and core strengthening. The exercises will all be progressed over […]

  • Football Specific Speed and Movement Training

    Making simple speed and movement drills specific to your sport can help to enhance your performance by practicing important movements that you would do in your game environment. By correctly coaching these movements you will be making them more efficient and effective, thus enhancing performance. This video looks at Football specific deceleration. Building on the […]