• How to get a six pack

    The two key ingredients to getting a six pack are explained by Matteo in his latest vlog post. Getting visible abs is not easy, but is achievable if you follow these two critical points. For more help on achieving any of your fitness goals contact Matteo 

  • Why am I not seeing change?

    A massive question asked by many regular gym goers… “Why am I not seeing change?” With this vlog post I will try to tackle this important topic, and highlight the main three reasons why you are not seeing change. Enjoy 🙂

  • Shoulder Rehabilitation

    Lack mobility in your shoulders? weak rotator cuff muscles? pain in your shoulder due to impingement? upper cross syndrome? Try out this shoulder rehabilitation video in order to increase mobility around the joint and strengthen the key muscles that hold the shoulder in the correct position to make movements free and fluid. Let me know […]