• How to get a six pack

    The two key ingredients to getting a six pack are explained by Matteo in his latest vlog post. Getting visible abs is not easy, but is achievable if you follow these two critical points. For more help on achieving any of your fitness goals contact Matteo 

  • Plan Progress see Change

    You can train regularly but without a plan the training you are undertaking is a waste of time. When you go shopping do you write a list? Of course because otherwise you end up with loads of unwanted items in your basket and forget essentials. Why is training any different? If you want to see […]

  • Gym Warm Up – How to Prepare Pre-Workout

    Warm ups are an essential part of your workout routine, without one your body will not be prepared to get the maximum out of the workout. The main reasons to warm up are: 1. Mobilise the joints; make sure you have full mobility in order to get in the right positions and prevent injury when […]

  • Why am I not seeing change?

    A massive question asked by many regular gym goers… “Why am I not seeing change?” With this vlog post I will try to tackle this important topic, and highlight the main three reasons why you are not seeing change. Enjoy 🙂

  • Personal Training Offer 2017

    Reach your health and fitness goals in 2017 with MC Peak Performance & Fitness. Up to 20% OFF Personal Training packages this January 2017, so book your FREE consultation now! Contact Matteo Here

  • How to Physically Develop an Elite Soccer Player: Ages 8-16 Promo

    Very proud to annouce that my book How to Physically Develop an Elite Soccer Player: Ages 8-16 has been officially released. Click here to get your copy now

  • 2015 Review

    Lets take a look back at what has been a great 2015 in this video review. Great people, goals achieved and fun had. More of the same for 2016. Bring it on! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  

  • Shoulder Rehabilitation

    Lack mobility in your shoulders? weak rotator cuff muscles? pain in your shoulder due to impingement? upper cross syndrome? Try out this shoulder rehabilitation video in order to increase mobility around the joint and strengthen the key muscles that hold the shoulder in the correct position to make movements free and fluid. Let me know […]

  • Bums and Tums Workout

    Get that toned bum and tum you’ve always wanted with MC Peak Performance & Fitness! Try out this great bums and tums workout at home, gym or in a park to firm up and lose fat around those unwanted areas! Session undertaken by our Lifestyle package trainee Eszter. Great work girl!

  • Improve your golf game – Specific physical training

    Golf specific training video with our trainee Ryan. I breakdown the golf swing and look at the 3 main areas which can be worked on to enhance the power generated when performing his swing. We look at the importance of single leg stability, glut activation and core strengthening. The exercises will all be progressed over […]

  • Football Specific Speed and Movement Training

    Making simple speed and movement drills specific to your sport can help to enhance your performance by practicing important movements that you would do in your game environment. By correctly coaching these movements you will be making them more efficient and effective, thus enhancing performance. This video looks at Football specific deceleration. Building on the […]

  • Lifestyle Package Training Video

    Our Lifestyle training package is for all ages and fitness levels. Gerry came to MC Peak Performance & Fitness with a goal of getting fitter, healthier, and more toned! We deliver with fun, challenging, and well planned session. She delivers with the motivation and desire to reach her goals! Another great session, well done Gerry!